Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog Home Tour Catch Up

Today I' m attempting to catch up on:
First is the livingroom:
I just got my couches! They're courduroy and so comfy :)
A little bookcase you can't see in the last pic-
In front of my fireplace:
And the kitchen:
(pretty please excuse the mess!)
A detail of one of my countertops:
Hope you liked it!
If you feel like it, please read my last post and give me your thoughts :) im trying to decide about some new jewelry designs and need a bit of input. Thank you!!!!


  1. cute cute cute! I love your couches. I also adore those prayer candles, I need to buy some for my new place. And what is that Punk 365 book on your shelf??? I've never heard of it, but it sounds interesting!

    Thera Joyce

  2. Your home looks soo comfy. I am in love with your blue tea cups!
    Meeks xo

  3. so colorful!! I love especially the paper lights near your fireplace, I'd like to have many of them to thang here and there :)

    I'm thinking of joining this home tour too, but I'm really late, maybe I'll do it next week and I will link you and runwithscissors for sure!

  4. I love so much your candle! my boyfriend is a huge fan of "La Virgen de Guadalupe" and byzantin stuff!
    oh and the mess? where???

  5. I love how colorful your home is without looking childish! It's so sweet. Especially love your kitty cookie jar hehe

  6. I changed my mind! Your place looks so sad and lonely... you know what you need?! A KITTEN. I will bring him to you! ;)


  7. Your Kitchen is so's adorable :D

  8. how fun! love it all. I need to get new couches soooo bad. Mine is stuffed with blankets because the back fell in a bit lol... These ones look great :)

  9. Aww, very lovely and sweet :)

  10. Your kitchen is amazing! Those are my favorite kind! adorable :)