Monday, August 9, 2010

The Past Few Days

the past few days have been kind of strange. i slept for most of the weekend and im still so tired. im having a hard time getting motivated/inspired. i have so many thoughts going through my head and so many decisions to make.... and i keep finding these stick bugs on my doors

anyways, i saw my family for a bit yesterday, and we had homemade waffles. yum!

they found a new doggie in their driveway when they got home- a teeny tiny yorkie! their other dogs had her pinned down, but they rescued her and gave her a bath and took her inside. She is so cute! Now they have so many animals! its funny how many dogs we have rescued over the years.

Today I went to pick up my cap and gown and stole. im afraid im going to look kinda dumb in it haha but i guess youll have to wait till sunday to see the complete ensemble :)
I rewarded myself with a small purchase(before i ran out of money) the other day-this super cute owl! he was such a deal and makes me happy.

isn't he cute!

maybe soon Ill share some pics of my doll collection?

Now im off to eat some microwave potatoes :)


  1. You DEFINITELY got my attention with the waffle. Haha.
    I'm rather sorry to hear you're so tired, and hope you get a sprightly burst of energy soon!

  2. Those stick bugs are so cool looking, haha. Waffles? Free puppy? New cap & gown? Cute owl? Girl...I would call this an awesome day! :) I now how you feel about the inspiration drain. Just sleep and dream. It'll all come back to you when you wake up. :)

  3. omg! I love the little owl you bought. It's so cute! I know how it feels to be unmotivated. I usually get some books or look around the internet, it helps. Especially pretty photos.

  4. I concur, it sounds like a super awesome day! Yay waffles and that owl is the cutest!

  5. I felt like such a nerd in my cap and gown, when I looked back at the pictures my cap was really far back on my head and I DID look like a NERD! :(

    Those stick bugs are so crazy looking! & I love that your family is so willing to give homeless animals a place to live. It's funny how animals find they're way to you, I have had the same luck with cats all my life. I am sure one day I am going to be a crazy old cat lady.

  6. Haha, I just posted a stick bug pic on my blog last week. It was on the door at work all day long... what is it with them and doors? If they want to blend in somewhere, they should try a tree!

  7. those stick bugs would scare me so much, ahah such a wimp! love the owl, such a cutie x

  8. Aww, I hope you feel inspired and better soon :)
    The owl is a very cute one, great find you got yourself there!
    P.s the stick insects are a little scary.. I would freak out if that was on my window!

  9. homemade waffles?! mmmm i've never had them homemade. and that owl is sooooo cute! are you going to paint him? :)

  10. ooooooh i love love love that little owl. so adorable!!