Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Interesting Bug, An Easy Summer Cocktail,& a Doll Collection

Today I found another neato bug on my door: do you see the tiny spots of green on his wings?

This is what I wore today: it was too hot to wear my hair down! (please excuse the weird angle!)

I came up with a super easy summer cocktail recipe today-I'm drinking one right now! It super refreshing on days like today.

Here it is:
raspberry lemonade (I highly recommend Simply Lemonade with Raspberry)
Clear rum
Club Soda/ Sparkling Water

Just fill your glass with the lemonade, add rum to taste, and then a splash of club soda. Voila! You have a sparkling, refreshing summer cocktail :)

I also thought Id share some pictures of my doll collection and maybe some pics of my place-let me know if you want to see more-i dont wanna bore you!


  1. Okay - you look really cute; that drink sounds delicious (though I'd have to have it without the rum); and I love that doll with the pink hair! :)

  2. What a cute collection! I specially love your kokeshi, maneki neko, momiji etc <3

  3. That bug is sooo neat! It looks almost like a rock that was split in the middle with beautiful markings. Your drink sounds majorly delish! I have to try that one day. Lastly, your doll collection is adorable! You could not bore me with all that cuteness going on! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I totally had those little velvety bears when I was little. They are probably in my moms basement!

  5. cute outfit! i want one of those drinks now! yum! I also really love all your dolls. they're super cute!

  6. What cute little things you have!!

  7. cute stuff Kat, you have a great collection! I don't like trolls though, they kinda creep me out. THEY BE UGLY :O

  8. Very sweet doll collection :)

  9. OHHHH! I was thinking of trying that exact same lemonade with tequila and go in a sort of margarita direction. I'll have to try it with rum. Those dolls are so cute! Hope you are having an awesome day!

  10. I love your dress! Awe, you have several kokeshi dolls! -.-



  11. too bad I didnt read this post earlier today before I went to hangout at the pool! That drink would of been perfect! Darn.

    I love your little fuzzy bunnies!