Monday, June 28, 2010

What should I get from Urban Outfitters for my new place?

Im going to be buying some decor from urban outfitters probably..i think ive looked through it all, but i cant remember everything i wanted and the little wish list doesn't always work on my slow computer :(
So-what are some of your favorite decor items? any suggestions? Thanks!!!

Feeling pretty down today-not sure why. it was a tough day at work, but now i can relax. i think im going to watch the office and drink some tea-i so badly need some "me" time.maybe ill catch up on some blog reading, too!


  1. Aww...sorry you are feeling down. **hugs** I am moving soon, so I am so excited to decorate my new place. I want to hang twinkle lights in the bedroom and work on more framed embroidery for my picture wall.

    Thera Joyce

  2. What do you do, like job-wise?
    Remember that anything you find @ Urban outfitters can be found somewhere else for cheaper...
    You should check Ikea too, they have really fun stuff as well.

    I've always loved these mounted stuffed heads from

    I have been watching so much of the office lately, we just got netflix.

    I hope your night goes better than your day did :)

  3. ashley-i forgot about shanalogic! i also really love
    they have some awesome stuff too!
    i ordered some more seasons of the office-im just waiting for them to are you liking netflix? i think i might try it

    therajoyce-thanks for the hugs! what else is on your picture wall?

  4. I always want the beds and bedspreads from Anthropolgie

  5. I did so much shopping there for my new house :D Like the test tube shooters.

    Seriously, theres too much choice.
    I love the Frosties Bowls, the cake stands and the tea sub :)
    They also have a whole load of craft books which are adorable too.

  6. Hey girlie! I love your blog. I am giving you a blog award. You can pick it up here.

    Thera Joyce