Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Inspiration

I thought I'd share some pretty Summer pics that I've taken at various places throughout Tennessee. Hope you enjoy them :)


I thought I might share some of the cuter parts of my home decor. I have a huge obsession with vintage anything, and the colors turqiouse and fuscia. I love things with a history, and there are just so many cute things to be found!

This is a jewelry tray I made from dollar tree plates!

This teapot is my favorite color! It was new and super cheap, too!

This cookie jar came from my grammas basement (it was saved from the flood). Its still awaiting a good cleaning lol.

I love this retro sign. Its so cool. I put it up in my kitchen.

Time to eat some mini quiche. Yum!


  1. raccoon!

    I usually yell this when I see one in real life...
    I couldn't help it

  2. I love the fact all the lovely plants are coming out now :)