Friday, June 11, 2010

Sam and Zoe's=Yummy!

It's time for me to show you another of my favorite spots in Nashville! Today I went to Sam and Zoe's coffee shop. It has been my favorite place to get a yummy cup of coffee and equally yummy food for a long time. They are located in the Berry Hill area, across the street from 100 Oaks mall.

They offer so many yummy coffee options-frozen blended, iced, lattes and cappuccinos. Today their special was "the honeybee" with vanilla and honey! In the summer they have great salads and in the winter they have different soups each day.
I always order the bagel sandwich called an "early bird" and it is always delicious.

Their fling tea is something else I love. It is iced tea with pineapple, orange, and lemon juice-and you get free refills!

They have the cutest little porch to eat on, too!

In other news, I received my package from Ashley over at Under Those Neon Lights today. I LOVE my octopus. I think he is feeling very at home in my new craft room with his new friends the giant bunny candles and tiny buddha. I will share pics of him in his new home soon :)
Oh-I'm also having a twitter giveaway-300th RT wins a 20$ item from my shop-please help spread the word . Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


  1. yay you blogged about me! thanks! Nashville seems like it would be a cool place to visit! I live about 30 min away from tennessee, I might have to take a summer day trip!

  2. o cool! you def should..i could show you around if you wanted.

  3. mmm a bowl of soup and a cup of coffee in the winter sounds amazing.

  4. That bagel sandwich looks amazing!!!! want!