Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pre to Post Modern

This is another great place to shop in Nashville. It's called Pre to Post Modern and its located on 8th avenue near several antique shops. The store carries a constantly changing array of retro and vintage furniture, lamps, kitchen and barware, as well as decor and clothing and jewelry. I'm going to be moving sometime soon, and I go every week to score new things for my place. It always has an awesome selection of goodies-in all price ranges! I just got a dice clock for 10$, a pink retro hair dryer for $10, and a vintage bowling boy figurine for $3!!! Here are some pics of the shop-its super cute!

I love this store!!! I'm really hoping to make the next place I move super awesome, so I'm stocking up on decor :) Does anyone have any suggestions for online shops with awesome stuff? I'd love any ideas!
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  1. I wish they had stuff like this where I live.

  2. This place looks AMAZING!!! My lil sister lives in Nashville, I'll have to tell her about this place!