Friday, June 18, 2010

My Friday

So, today i received my order from Panna Dolce. i ordered 3 kinds of macarons. i had never tried any before, and i've never tasted anything like them! They are slightly crunchy and chewy at the same time. I ordered almond butter, key lime, and raspberry chocolate ones. The packaging was very cute too!
dont they look yummy?
I slept a lot today also, and I didnt feel very good most of the day. i made myself get out of the house, and I went and i got some twinkle lights with Maneki Neko-the Japanese lucky cat on them. i havent taken any pics of them yet, because they are still in the box :) i will take some when i put them up, though...i also decided today to share some photos of myself. ive sort of avoided that so far, but Kayla from the CupKay blog inspired me to share the pics :)
this is me. no makeup and in my super comfy new slouchy tank...
you can actually see the blue in my hair!
so...i hope everyone is having a great weekend. i think tomorrow i will post inspiration pics of home decor. im going to be moving in a few months and redecorating/remodeling the new place...


  1. oh my eek! You mentioned me! :) that got me all excited, haha! I really like how you have both sides of your nose pierced. It's unique! i used to have my nose pierced, but I felt like it made my nose look huge so I took it out, and I love your hair! neato! I've really been wanting some twinkle lights lately, and I think I just might get some this weekend from IKEA! I can't wait to see yours :)
    p.s-I've never had Macarons, but I love anything and everything sweet so I'd probably love them, I might give them a try! THANKS!

  2. You're so pretty!

    I ABSOLUTELY NEED to know where you got maneki neko lights! OMG! Zach loves maneki nekos, he has a big collection & the lights would be PERFECT!!!

    did you know that the made lucky cat dunks?

  3. The macarons look so yummy!
    Pretty lady :)

  4. you look gorgeous lady!!! :)

    and i'm a huge fan of maneki neko, want to know too where did you got the maneki lights :p hehe

  5. thanks guys!

    the lights came from a store here called The Curious Heart Emporium. they have a website, but it doesnt have a whole lot on it. i think im going to do a little profile on the store soon :)

    i love maneki neko everything!

  6. You are gorgeous! I love your hair!

    Thera Joyce