Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hard truths

It seems that Ashley from under those neon lights has started a trend. And i am going to follow this trend and post my very own "hard truths". this isn't easy for me so i am going to try to make it short and sweet (sort of?).

so....1. i have terrible self esteem. i constantly compare myself to others and wonder why i am not as pretty/talented/creative as they are. every once in a while i acknowledge that i am a very pretty very talented girl....

2. i have suffered from pretty severe depression for years. some days i cannot get out of bed. it is too much effort to make a bowl of cereal. i worry what this will do when i get a job.

3. i do not have a girl that is my best friend and this makes me sad. i wish that there was someone that i could talk with, shop with and share my obsessive love of vintage thermoses with.

4. ok this one is silly but i hate my hair :)


  1. its kind of crazy that just about all of us are in need of a good girl friend... maybe that is why we are so drawn to blogs...

  2. I know how you feel. I constantly compare myself to others. It's so sad too because I don't really care about being like everyone else, but I also want to have friends and fit in.

    Also, you make amazing jewelry! You are a very talented lady. :)

  3. I second that, Ashley! We should just all become bff's!

    Thank you for posting this, dearie! You are a brave and beautiful girl!!


  4. aww thank you thera joyce :)

    ashley that is crazy. maybe we were meant to find each other lol :)

  5. I know exactly how you feel. Maybe it's a girl thing? I also wish I had a girl to talk about things with, but it's most of the girl friends I once had that have made me feel this down to begin with.

    As Thera said, you make beautiful jewellery, and you are a very pretty and talented sweetie :)

    p.s. I propose we make a post about things we like about our lives/selves, so we can use this to cheer ourselves up on the bad days.

  6. I love your little crafts, you should be really proud of them :)
    I think we all do it.. compare constantly. I get days when I just think "I don't want to do this anymore" and other days when I make 5 things in one day. We are funny people.
    About the having a girl friend thing, I know exactly how you feel. Recently I have been getting really down about it as the friends I thought were friends have really changed and we seem to have gone are own seperate ways :(
    Coming on here makes me all happy again as there is so many supportive people, you should feel the same :)

  7. wow. i never realized how many other people feel the same way that i do. sometimes just knowing you're not alone in feeling a certain way helps so much! thanks so much for sharing with me :)

    susannahbean- we should all be bffs 4 sure! :)

    wolfielovehart-i agree! i will put together some happy things that i like about myself and my life...it will be a nice thing to look at on those bad days

  8. it takes a lot of guts to put this all out there. go you. =) and ive had the same problem with having a best girl friend.. i was always one of the guys and to be honest girls just wierded me out and were annoying lol dont worry though eventually youll meet a life long best friend. =)

  9. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog =) I'm following you now! I too, have no girlfriends. It sucks, but I haven't really had a best friend for a few years since I've been out of high school. I don't know how to meet people... I'm not shy, but I am kind of awkward, I suppose, and people aren't sure what to think of me =P

    I would be your friend!!!! :)