Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gigi's Cupcakes

Another great place to go in downtown Nashville is Gigi's cupcakes. Today I had one of their midnight magic cupcakes and it was probably the BEST cupcake I have ever eaten! The cake was moist, the icing was delicious, and the dark chocolate chips added just the right amount of crunch.

aren't they yummy looking? i'm really having fun going to my favorite Nashville places and taking pictures for my blog! It helps me to see things in a new light. I hope you enjoy seeing the pics and hearing about these places as much as I enjoy telling you about them.
In other "news" I started a new internship. I am conflicted about whether I like it or not. I've also been doing some thrift shopping and I have found some suuuper cool stuff. I think I will share pics of my finds later.
Hope everyone is having a good night!


  1. Oooh, this is making me hungry! What awesome pics!

  2. i HAVE to make cupcakes now! This is the most delicious cupcake I have ever seen!

  3. yum! feeling the need for some cupcakes right now :)

  4. Super amounts of yum going on here!

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im digging those chocolate chips and buttercream frosting. I keep seeing cupcakes online I think its a sign that I need to bake. =)

  6. The wedding cake one is my FAVORITE.

    I wanted so badly to try the Top Hat one - it sounded perfect. But once i had one, I really didn't like it.