Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guess where ive been

....Florida! i got to go on a little mini vacation to florida :) a family member just got a super great deal on a little bungalow a block from the beach-so i got to go check it out and stay for free! the water was oil free and the weather was great, and ill have tons of stuff to share tomorrow, but now im too tired-i just got back and i drove the whole way!
oh-and i keep finding suuuper cute stuff that i wanna give away, so im starting a stash for a big giveaway after a while :)
im pretty pooped, so g'night for now.
*sweet dreams* everyone.


  1. sounds like fun! I love my necklace! Thanks!

  2. Glad you got a mini vacation! I start giveaway stashes too! hehe.

    Thera Joyce