Saturday, July 10, 2010

So Frustrated

I am so frustrated with my family. i am sometimes around someone they dont like and they feel might get me in trouble. i cannot mention this persons name without being screamed at and told i am stupid.i know that this person is someone they dont like and feel is bad for me. but they are my friend and it is my decision. it has gotten to the point where i feel like i need to distance myself from my family, but i have a younger brother and sister i like to see sometimes, and i really like talking with my mom sometimes. but it has just gotten to the point where i feel like theyre opinions are ruling my life even though i am an adult. i hate feeling this way....
sorry i just needed to vent, im just so upset.
Do any of you no longer see/talk to your family?

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  1. lol yes. I got married last year to my wonderful husband and a cousin of mine, when I told him, instead of congratualting me emaild his dad who then emailed MY dad basically saying "are you aware of all this...blah blah blah" because we had decided to elope to Las Vegas.
    Now my dad already knew about this and was ok with it but this cousin really caused problems for us out of his "concern". I haven't spoken to him since and now he wants to be my friend on facebook and I really don't want to because of all the DRAMA! But I feel like I should because he's family.
    You are not alone ;)