Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Decor Inspiration

I am going to be moving soon ( i know ive mentioned this like a million times) and im going to be doing some redecorating. i dont actually have much in the way of furniture-mostly just a mattress, some little bookcases, and a futon. I am reall excited, and have been looking everywhere for inspiration. i want my place to reflect my personality, and be fun and relaxing at the same time. Here are some inspiring spaces:

Here is some furniture Im liking. Im not sure exactly what i want yet, but i like the way these pieces make me feel :)
(furniture via target.com)
(other pics via weheartit)
I've also been doing a lot of adding to my vintage collections. Im really excited about finding cool ways to display them. I hope to find some cool textiles to work with soon, and maybe some awesome vintage furniture. What do you think?


  1. I love that picture with the bed that is really low to the ground and it has all the floral blankets on it... I hope you get which one I mean! Haha, I love having low beds for some reason. And the one that says "daughter's home office", I love the blue cabinet thingy!

  2. me too!

    emilie lynne-i love low beds too. i just put my box spring and mattrress on the floor

  3. your place is gonna look amazing if you use these for inspiration! I love that red bird!

  4. you need to find a second hand store, the one by me is amazing it has vintage chaise lounges for cheap, old tables that just need sanding and you can get into the DIY ;) x

  5. i love low beds too! maybe because it remains me some typical japanese stuff/decoration :)

  6. Came across your blog today! So cute! And all your inspirational pictures are sweet. Just the right amount of girly-ness haha. Did I just make up a word?

    Your newest follower :)

  7. briana-i think you did. and its totally an awesome word :)
    thanks for following !!!