Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Exciting News For Me!

I applied to this new craft fair in Nashville-the Nashvegas Craft Fair-and got accepted! I have never done a craft show before and im so excited! im having a banner made, and i need to get a little tent because it is outside and it will be sooooooo hot! Does anyone have any suggestions for things to bring, things you think would sell best, anything? any help/tips would be so awesome! It will be on July 31 so I have a bit to get all set.
Here are a couple neat little set ups i found on flickr-you can find them at this page


  1. OH MY GOSH! Congrats! I want to do that too. I just haven't found a venue that I really like yet.

  2. I think I may do a craft fair in August... i've never done one before either.

    Good luck!

    You can send me anything you want! I love mail & surprises!


  3. aww yay! that's so exciting, congrats girl!

  4. Yay!!! Congratulations!
    This is so exciting and I absolutely can't wait to hear how it goes!

  5. hi, i'm a new follower. congrats! that's exciting news...i've always wanted to take part in a craft fair one day. good luck!

  6. Congrats! I have a good friend that's done a few craft shows. Her best sellers are small items. Like earrings and lip balm. I must confess. As a craft shopper, I'd have to say if it's more then $10 I really think about if I want to purchase it. It's not because I'm cheap and don't think its worth it. It's because I want to spend money at all most every booth and I feel bad if I spend it all at one. Unless of course I find you that charming...

  7. I vended my first craft fair a couple months ago and I just vended my second this past weekend, and I'm still learning as I go.

    Have some business cards/flyers made with your email or etsy shop on it. Have a comfy chair or two! Have LOTS of change, since ATMS only like to spit out twenties & that's what people will carry. Since you'll be outside perhaps have a cooler with some water or fresh fruit to keep you going.

    It does not hurt to bring a small craft project or a book with you to entertain yourself while it's slow. Don't be occupied with it as people walk by though, people may perceive it as being cold and will be intimidated to purchase something.

    Have a pal with you to take over the booth for whenever you need to tinkle, get something to eat, or to take a break. They can be a real life saver! Also, have a notebook to keep track of your sales. It's best to not have an overwhelming table. Put out your best stock and replenish as you make sales. An overcrowded table can intimidate a potential buyer and you could lose a sale.

    Have a big smile and greet everyone that looks at your booth. It's a good chance to work on small talk. Talk about your product or what you do to make it. Is there a special technique or material you used to make your jewelry? People love one-of-a-kind stuff, so make it like they need to buy your product. It can feel a little sleazy, but get to know your possible client and see what they like. Maybe you do have that certain something they like but they didn't see it on the table.

    It doesn't hurt to get to know the other artists/crafters that are vending right next to you. It's good for networking and getting tips on future craft shows.

    Also, it's good to have bags for small items. Brown paper bag or sandwich bag can work. And if the buyer does want a bag for whatever they bought, make sure that you're business card is in it!

    I know that's a lot to take in and I'm sure there's a boatload of more tips I can provide you, but I think the basics are good. Good luck on your first craft fair!

  8. Lovely! Congrats! I hope you enjoy your craft fair! I bet it will be so fun!!!

  9. This is such great news!
    I hope it goes well for you :)

  10. thanks everyone! ill post an update after the fair