Saturday, July 17, 2010

No internet access=Blog Withdrawals

So. i forgot to pay my phone bill and it got disconnected. hence-no internet access! i did just get a new computer, though, so right now im at my fave coffee shop using their wifi and trying to figure this new thing out. i havent had access for like 3 days now and im seriously having blog withdrawals! i miss reading all your blogs!
soon, hopefully by tomorrow, i can do a real update and catch back up!


  1. ugh, been there - thats rough. Thank goodness for places with wifi!!! Hope you get your internet back soon!

  2. bahaha im glad your like me. i forgot too so I'm at the gas station by my apartment stealing wifi. im glad youre as forgetful as i am. hopefully in a week or two we'll be back! tootaloo til then