Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Im back!!!!!!!

I am back! "where have you been?" you say. If you haven't yet, please read my previous post on the funness of forgetting to pay your phone bill. It is in fact, not fun, and very ridiculous.
Anyways, Im back now and I will have tons of photos to post soon, plus I need to catch up on my 30 days of truths. I'm also getting ready for the bridal shower im hosting, so hopefull ill be posting inspiration photos soon too. So much to do!
Let me know what youre up to-i miss you!!!
Im going to leave you with some awesome pics.

I so want to eat this cupcake!
Also, I would like to be asleep :)


  1. Glad ur back! Go over to kaelahs blog and enter my giveaway! Hope ur party goes well! Have fun!

  2. nice to have you back.
    and totally agreeing on the cupcake thing!

  3. welcome back! :)
    I think we must make cupcakes sooon! :-x

  4. Yay! glad you are back :D
    Mmmm, yummy cupcake.