Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 5-Something You Hope to Do in Your Life

I have ALWAYS wanted to own my own business-Check! Now, I would LOVE to make my living from my business. I love designing my jewelry and accessories and I would also love to be able to design a cosmetics line or a body care line. I have thought of selling my handmade body scrubs, bath tea and such, but the liability insurance is soooo expensive! Maybe eventually!

I would love to see my jewelry in other online shops and in stores and magazines. It makes me feel so awesome to know that people love the things i make! Right now, I have an online shop and will be in two brick and mortar shops very soon, but I would love to expand.I am working so hard towards this goal, and am always trying to improve my designs and learn new things to include in my work. Hopefully one day I will make my living creating!


  1. I love your stuff!
    So cute!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out how I wasn't one of your followers already! And... I love your jewelry!! I may have to purchase me something very soon! I love funky jewelry!

  3. I love your jewelry! It's all so super cute. Thank you for being my friend too. You're awesome!


    Thera Joyce

  4. I got that at Walmart lol is was on a discount shelf so i decided to get it and just wrap it up and keep it.

  5. lovely lovely lovely!
    I have been trying to work up the nerve to take my handmade things to local stores... I have a huge fear of rejection though...

  6. Such lovely things :)
    You should really sell your crafts at local shops, I sell more things that way than online at the moment.
    Keep it up lady ^_^

  7. i already told you but yesss i love your jewelry!