Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A long overdue update!

Hello, All!
I have been away for quite some time now, busy starting a new job, moving into and redoing a house, and dealing with health issues (yuck) among many other things. My poor blog has been feeling neglected :( and I have lost the cord to my new camera(in the move)-so I can't upload any photos. I have been super busy with my new house (yay!) and giving it some MUCH needed TLC. I will share some pics once my cord comes out of hiding. I am super excited about fall-today was chilly and perfect sweater and coffee weather. I might be a bit partial to fall, since my birthday happens to be Tuesday :) I am having a little get together this weekend-fire pit, hot dogs, smores, cupcakes, etc. Tons of fall fun. Hopefully Ill have pictures to share.
WHat has everyone else been up to? Missing you all!

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