Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to me, Happy October to you!

Happy October! See the pumpkin in my pumpkin spice latte? :)

My birthday was this past week, and it was a good one. I turned the big two five. I feel old :( Everyone says its downhill from here, but i feel like it's going to just get better and better! ( At least i surely HOPE so!)
For the festivities, Had some friends over and made smores on the firepit and had hot dogs and cupcakes on a perfect fall night. Here are some pictures of what I've been up to this month:

Birthday Cupcakes:

I am trying lots of new restaurants and cafes that have opened up close to my house, and a Jenni's opened up, so I HAD to try it! They have an amazing selection of ice creams, and a charming atmosphere. Here are some pics from my 2 excursions (so far!).
The first time, i tried the lavender wildberry, brambleberry crisp, and cherry lambic ice creams:

Next, I tried a Pumpkin Tiramisu Parfait-it was the most delicious dessert I have ever tasted. For REAL. It is layers of Amaretti Cookie and Buttercup Pumpkin ice creams, espresso syrup soaked lady fingers, caramel, and mascarpone cheese. DELICIOUS!! and adorable to boot, right?

They always have fresh flowers on the tables, and they even have a little place for kids to sit and draw with chalk while they enjoy their ice cream!

So anyways, here is the most current me, in case you're curious :) not the best picture, but a picture none the less.

How is everyone?

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