Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Weekend So Far

My weekend has been pretty full so far. Yesterday I got a mint chocolate shake
and went to the family farm and played with the doggies and the new puppy . He was apparently abandoned on the side of the road in the country :( but my family loves animals so they took him in. He has doubled in size already and is super clumsy and silly :)
We ate some yummy grilled steaks and veggies and talked with some friends for a while.
Then today I relaxed and went thrifting for a bit. Here are a couple of my finds
Later I will be posting some decorating finds. I am going to be moving again soon(probably) and the place needs a LOT of work.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Those pups are cute, and those veggies look delicious. :)

  2. they use to have the best mint chocolate chip shakes at hardee's, but I guess they don't carry them anymore :(