Sunday, October 24, 2010

SOOO....where have I been?

I worked on my grandparent's old place for about two days before I got sick AGAIN. This time I lost my voice :( but it is back now. I am so tired of being sick! I get my bloodwork done again soon, but they never find anything. It's frustrating but I'm trying to be positive. I just keep getting sick over and over! And it zaps my energy :( (Which is one reason I've been so absent!)but...
Tomorrow is my birthday! So hopefully it will be a nice day..

I have pictures to share of how the work is going on the house, but I just haven't uploaded them yet. I'm really excited about how it's going to look. It is really dreary and gross right now, but I cantell it's going to look awesome!
Hopefully I'll get some pretty birthday pics to share tomorrow! I can't decide what kind of cake I want..any ideas?


  1. Have A Happy Birthday. I'll be sending positive energy your way.

  2. happy (late) birthday!!
    hope you're feeling better! I am always half sick and out of energies too in this period, it sucks!

    suggestion for cake: chocolate. (ahah I am greedy on chocolate)